Different offers of relaxing massages in Luxembourg
Massage office: Massage&Mind in Dommeldange

Let us accept the fact that our needs differ from day to day, from hour to hour, and depend on the circumstances of the day. How can we know 2 or 3 days in advance what we shall need on a particular moment? How to make the right choice between a Swedish massage, holistic massage, sport massage, Balinese massage, Ayurveda Abhyanga, foot reflexology, trigger Point massage to get rid of muscle knots or lomi-lomi massage to be totally relaxed?

>> Individual and personalised massage

1 – Choose the length of massage
Among our 3 formulas: 45 mn, 1 or 1:30 hour(s) massage.

2 – Find together the massage that fits your needs.
> We ‘ll take some time to understand your daily needs and propose you the most adapted massage.
> As soon as a massage is agreed, a pre-massage (according to the level of stress) begins in order to prepare your body for the real massage.
> You enjoy the massage.
> At the end of the massage, the excess of oil will be softly removed to allow you to come slowly back to reality while keeping the beneficial effects of oil on your skin.
> A necessary feedback is required the next day for the following session.

3 – Total Serenity
Only the times of pre-massage and massage are taken into account in every formula.

Ps: this service is not physiotherapy and not a medical treatment.

>> Our types of massage

Try one of our massages, no matter if you come from Kirchberg, Dommeldange, Weimershof, Limpertsberg, Weimerskirch, Belair, Mühlenbach, Beggen, Eich, Cents, Merl, Trier, Arlon or Thionville.

Massage | 1 hour

A massage of 45 minute at an incredible price 60€

This is the formula which is the easiest to fit into an overbooked agenda. Enjoy without restraint!!


Massage | 1.5 hours

A massage of 1hour at 70€

This is the formula which allows you to listen to your body by allowing it the time to breathe.
A moment of relaxation to recharge batteries!!


Massage | 2 hours

A massage of 1:30 hours at 95€

90 minute of pure happiness!! It is the most complete formula where muscles are worked upon for a long time and get time to regenerate. Incomparable benefits which last.


>> Our types of massage

Holistic massage

This massage is a very smooth massage, which gives a complete relaxation and favours sleep. It is recommended in case of excess of stress.

Swedish massage

This massage is a deep massage, which kneads and softens muscles and tendons. It is very efficient to relieve muscle aches and tensions.

Balinese massage

This massage is inspired by technics from India and China. It evacuates tiredness and tension for a revitalized body, boosted with energy.

Ayurveda abhyanga massage

This massage comes from India and takes into account the nature of people according to 3 classifications (dosha). This massage restores the harmony between body and soul and increases the vital energy.

Sport Massage

This massage regenerates tired muscles after an intensive effort, by kneading the parts of the body, which need it.

Foot reflexology

This is a foot massage, which allows reaching the whole body parts by activating the corresponding reflex zones. It gives a total wellbeing and relaxation feeling.

Trigger points massage

This massage eliminates progressively trigger points (muscle knots) often responsible for unexplained pains (back, neck, leg, headache…). When a trigger point is present, the muscle shortens and remains tense, which affects tendons, bones and joints and gives pain soon or later.

Lomi-lomi massage

This massage comes from Hawaii and reproduces the feeling of waves on the body by applying long slipped movements with the forearms. It gives serenity and a deep feeling of wellbeing.

In Luxembourg City, after your work, no matter if you come from Kirchberg, Weimershof, Limpertsberg, Weimerskirch, Belair, Mühlenbach, Beggen, Eich, Cents, Merl … Massage&Mind welcomes you in Dommeldange; the great idea to relax before driving back home to Thionville, Trier or Arlon.